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Cosplay - Boudoir - Fetish

Sign up for my Patreon to get monthly cosplay, fetish, and/or boudoir photosets, behind the scenes Tease Me videos, Wish Come True videos from the gifts you send me, burlesque videos of your favorite characters, a private NSFW instagram with lewd seflies and clips, super lewd seflie sets, permanent discount to my website, and a personalize thank you video! 


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Email: You can email me at, fill out the form below, or check out the FAQ/Support page first.

Mail: Want to send me something? A letter, art, costumes, materials, props, or anything from my wish lists below? You can send them to my P.O. Box and I will use the items in my future photoset/cosplays or feature them in a thank video. All gifts I receive I make a Wish Come True video and selfie set for as my gift in return for you! For more information about photoset requests visit my FAQs.
Kay Lynn Syrin
P.O. Box 3672
Pflugerville, Tx 78691

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