How can I contact you?
You can visit kaylynnsyrin.com/contact and fill out the form, email me at contact@kaylynnsyrin.com, or fill out the form at the bottom of this page for costumer service inquires.

How does your website work?
Subscribe to the website to build a monthly digital & physical package of only the content you want! Get my latest monthly cosplay, fetish and/or boudoir photosets, behind the scenes Tease Me videos, Wish Come True videos from the gifts sent to me, burlesque videos of your favorite characters, private NSFW instagram/snapchat, super lewd selfie sets, and/or physical prints/merch! Or get past videos and photosets through my store with no monthly commitment. 

What is your Patreon and how does it work?
Patreon is a subscription service that allows you to pledge to creators per month and in return get rewards/content early or exclusively. My Patreon charges immediately upon signing up so you can get that month's set of rewards. All sub-sequential months are charged on 1st to continue getting each monthly rewards. You can cancel or edit your pledge at anytime within the month and will still get your rewards you have already been charged for.

Do you have a Wishlist?
Yes I do! I have a couple Amazon wishlists based on what you are intending to send. For cosplay or general items visit my cosplay wishlist and for fetish/boudoir related items visit my Boudoir Wishlist.
I also am a huge latex lover and if you are too then check out my Latex Wishlist from Latex Catfish. It is an affordable latex company based in China, many of my suits are from then are their quality is pretty good. Latex Catfish size XS fits me well enough but if you want custom measurements you can always contact me and ask.

Cosplay Wishlist
Boudoir Wishlist
Latex Wishlist

Not sure what to give me? You can also send me an e-gift card from any site or mail me a gift card to my PO Box! Every gift I receive I will do a custom photoset and video for you in return!

What is your mailing address?

Kay Lynn Syrin
P.O. Box 3672
Pflugerville, Tx 78691

Do you take commissions or custom set requests?
Due to my busy schedule of keeping up with monthly content for patreon, attending conventions, working my full time job, and making my own cosplays, my ability to take on custom commissions or requests can be extremely limited. I hold the right to decline any commissions or requests. However, you can always email or message me any requests for consideration. For commission details visit kaylynnsyrin.com/comissions

However, the easiest way to commission a photoset or video with a particular cosplay/product would be to mail the items directly to me at my P.O. Box. All gifts I receive I make a Wish Come True video and selfie set for. Then I will send your custom photoset and video to you via dropbox as my gift in return. The videos and selfie sets will also be released to my website supporters, so this will not be for a private photoset, and you will receive the content for free!
Kay Lynn Syrin
P.O. Box 3672
Pflugerville, Tx 78691

If you are looking for private sets (will not be released to the public, website, or any exclusive plaforms) you can email me at contact@kaylynnsyrin.com with your request and ideas. Negotiations, a signed contract and payment for the commission must be completed before the set will be started. Contact me to begin the process - Available requests may include feet, fetish, lewd/boudoir, dance, implied nude, and cosplay. I do not accept commissions of sexual acts and/or full nudity.

Do you accept Costume or Prop commissions?
Due to my busy schedule I hold the right to decline any commissions or requests. However you can email me to open discussion on a cosplay commission or to purchase my old costumes/props. An invoice will be sent with commission details and payment must be completed before the commission will be started.

Do you accept Sponsorships?
Yes I do. Email me at contact@kaylynnsyrin.com to open a discussion about the details of a sponsorship or affiliation. A contract must be signed and completed before any work or photosets will begin.

How long does shipping take?
Orders will be shipped out within 5-10 business days. Orders are shipped through USPS first-class mail and details on their shipping times can be found at https://www.usps.com/

What is your return/refund policy?
No refunds or returns on digital products. Refunds and returns are negotiable but not guaranteed for physical items. Email me or fill out the form below for any customer support questions or concerns.

How can I unsubscribe to the mailing list?
Visit and fill out the form on kaylynnsyrin.com/unsubscribe

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